“The Control Room Solutions Provider.”


Control Panel

Mainly used for housing of various kinds of relays like Auxiliary relay and protection relays.
We provide complete engineered panel from your single line diagram to the complete solution.
We supply the relay interlocking hardwired console with time delay circuits.


Console Desk

Construction: Welded, Alcosy, 8 Fold, 5 Fold also with wooden Top MOC: CRCA MS, SS, AI members.
Application: Used as Computer console or in control room or used as mounting of counter & indication equipment.



Standard height of Draw-out MCC is 2400mm including base frame. The maximum operating height is 1800mm.
For Single front – 2400(H) X 850(W) X 600(D)mm
For Double front – 2400(H) X 850(W) X 1000(D)mm


Mosaic Control Desk

Mosaic Panel is the most user friendly, reliable and economical approach to process visualization. It is suitable for all kinds of control and monitoring indicator board, for process control, power networks, & security etc. Subklew Mosaic System finds its application world wide for all types of industrial and communication network systems



HT Panels are generally used for controlling high voltage side of any instrument or at substation. We have made following rating panels:
1. 11KV VCB indoor panel/ outdoor kiosk
2. Current Rating 630/1250/1600/2000 AMP
Rupturing Capacity: 20/25/31.5/40 KA


Purge Panel

Purge Panel/ enclosures are designed and developed for safe use of electrical products in highly explosive areas.
Features: Purging is done as per NFPA-496. 3 Types: Purging Enclosures, Explosion Proof Enclosures & Normal Enclosures.

Junction Boxes

Mosaic Control Desk

Junction Box are designed for electrical & electronics control instrument components which are used in indoor and outdoor environments like: Coastal areas, Dusty, Water Oily and contamination are present. Apart from CRCA and SS Enclosure, Galvanized Iron enclosures, Aluminum Die cast and FRP Enclosures are also available with Ingress protection up to IP-67 Suitable for 120 degree door opening. Wired and Bare Junctions Boxes variants are available.

Video Walls


Display Wall, is made of Rear Projection Modular cubes, that can be organised in array with any size and uniform depth. Depending on the requirement, there is different size & different resolutions available. Projection engines are: DLP based LED lit. These are meant for control room environment which runs 24 x 7 applications with high reliability. Different variants of products like: Industrial Monitors, LED LCD Video Walls and DLP Video Walls with backend solutions are available.


Purge Panel

These enclosures are used for mounting transmitters and other local instruments which are used for measuring process variables like: Pressure flow and level of gas, Steam or Fluid temperature. These are used in power plants in the area like: buildings and turbine hall. The grouping of exact instrument in LIE/LIR depends on the site condition/availability of process connection. These comes with max IP 65 and complete protection against dust and water.

About Us

All most 38 years of experience we have expanded to match global vision & progressed steadily through up gradation of technology, quality and skills. Today, we are one of the India’s leading manufacturers of automation & control equipment.

Pyrotech has an exceptional multi-disciplinary array of products – Panels, Enclosures, LVS, LIR/LIE, Computer Consoles, Electronic products and Office-Industrial furniture. To reap advantages of Global Integrated Chain, we collaborated with companies like Synelec (LVS), Subklew (Mosaic Tile System), & Weigel Meters (Meters). In every true sense of the word, we have become,
“The Control Room Solutions Provider.”
Approved by major consultants and working with large OEMs, we are in position to cater to the needs of a Variety of industries, ranging from Power to Petrochemicals, Metering to Railways, Material Handling to Process Control, Cement to Defense and many more.

Vision for Tomorrow

Our work is focused on creating and continuously improving a sensitive organization capable of reacting promptly to market requirements and customer’s need. We will continue to earn customer’s trust with highest quality of services.